Zephyr Services Ltd


Zephy Services Ltd is Belize’s premier consulting firm. It specializes in building competent and dynamic teams to meet the specific needs of its clients on a project by project basis.

We work with only the top professionals in Belize and our Associates are all thought leaders in their respective fields. We have developed habitual relationships with our Associates which have led to a deep sense of loyalty amongst our teams: this inures to the benefit of our clients.

  • Belize City Urban e-Transit Feasibility Study: Analyzing the feasibility of a 34-bus urban transit network using all electric buses (2019)
  • The Port of Big Creek – Belize City Logistics Corridor: A feasibility study of a structural shift in the manner in which Belize imports and exports all real goods and merchandise. This study required a sound analysis of current as well as prospective export/import volumes, patterns and logistics challenges. (2011)
  • Consultants to the Government of Belize on the EU Project “Conceptual and Detailed Design Study for a Floating Offshore Transfer Terminal for Bulk Sugar in Belize.” The study was commissioned to provide improved efficiency in the factory to market transportation and logistics of raw sugar. (2012)
  • Draft of Belize’s first Marine Environmental Protection Act. (2010)
  • Provide consultancy services to a Belizean company in order to achieve US Customs CT-PAT certification. (2010)
  • Advisers to the Receiver of the Port of Belize Ltd. (2012…to date)
  • Design and administer a formal nautical science training program for trainee marine pilots at the Port of Belize Ltd. (2012-2014)
  • Development of a vision plan and port development concept plan for the Commerce Bight Port. (2012)

  • Banana Enterprises Ltd
  • BAT Caribbean
  • Belize Agricultural Health Authority
  • Belize Tourism Board
  • British Caribbean Bank
  • BSA Global Shipping Ltd
  • Caribbean Shipping Agency Ltd
  • Caye Caulker Water Taxi Association
  • CNA Financial Corporation
  • Eurocaribe Services Ltd
  • Fabrigas Belize Ltd
  • Fort Point Security Services Ltd
  • Insurance Corporation of Belize
  • Inter-American Development Bank
  • Lois Young & Company Ltd
  • Maritime Estates Ltd
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (Belize)
  • Ministry of Economic Development, Commerce, Industry and Consumer Protection (Belize)
  • Ministry of Finance ( Belize)
  • Ministry of Natural Resources (Belize)
  • Panama Maritime Authority
  • Port of Belize Ltd
  • Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd
  • San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi Ltd
  • Splash Wave Tours
  • SE Shipping Lines Pte Ltd
  • Wafagua Nautical & Safety Institute