About Us

Stellar leadership

At the Zephyr Group we believe that leadership is important. That is why we have engaged only top level executives to lead our business units. When you have good leadership your clients benefit.

Major Lloyd JonesThe Zephyr Group is led by Major Lloyd Jones a retired commanding officer of the Belize Defence Force Maritime Wing and a former Ports Commissioner of Belize. Major Jones holds a MBA (Shipping and Logistics) from Middlesex University, London and a MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Development at De Montfort Univesity, Leicester, UK.

He is a certified marine accident and casualty investigator, a certified marine surveying, a Flag State Inspector for the Panama Maritime Authority and a class surveyor for NASHA.

During his six years as Belize’s Ports Commissioner Major Jones served the head of Belize’s delegation to Caribbean MOU on Port State Control and the OAS Inter-American Committee on Ports. He also attended MSC 85 at the IMO as head of delegation.

With more than twenty years of maritime experience Major Jones recognizes the opportunities that lie in the maritime sector and he is determined to help Belize take full advantage of them in order to broaden the Belizean economy.

Our International Office

Mr. Neri Briceno heads the Zephyr Group’s international business unit which is based in New York City. Neri holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Agricultural Business and Economics from the US. Additionally he has a degree in Biology and Chemistry.

He is a key member of our team and has held numerous management positions in the Oil & Gas industry over his 15 years career with global multinational petroleum corporations such as Texaco Inc and Chevron Inc. He has been certified under the industry certified lubricant engineer program and qualified an a Environmental Cleanup Consultant. His experience in the industry include ; Sale/Marketing, Facilities/Terminal Management, Construction/Commissioning, Transportation/Logistics, Customer Services, Standards/Specifications, Policies/Procedures, HSSE and Oil Spill Response/Remediation.

Neri was one of the two project manager who were responsible for the construction of the PetroFuel Ltd fuel terminal at the Port of Big Creek. The terminal stands a testament to Belizean ingenuity and is the only fuel terminal in the country which was designed, built and commissions entirely by Belizeans. Neri has coordinated or participated in Oil & Gas projects in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and the Continental US.